Scott Hercher

Brewer Name Scott Hercher
Type All Grain
Favorite Style to Brew Pale Ales
Favorite Style to Drink Pale Ales
Brewing Since
What got you started brewing?

My father & brother had tried once about 10 years earlier. It was awful, but strong. I just wanted to see if I could make something better. After a couple mediocre attempts, I started to make good beer, then really good beer. Then I got a job as a brewmaster (Jersey Jim’s Brewing Company). After that closed, I continued to brew (though there was a hiatus while my children were very young), getting better all the time.

A little about your brewing philosophy

There are two rules to brewing:

1. Great beer has balance. One flavor can predominate, but you should always be able to taste the other ingredients behind it.

2. KISS. Keep it simple, stupid. Beers with too many ingredients invariably wind up tasting muddled.


Silver medal, World Beer Championship, 1998, for Old Master Barley Wine.

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