Steve White

Brewer Name Steve White
Type All Grain
Favorite Style to Brew Belgians
Favorite Style to Drink Depends on the season
Brewing Since
What got you started brewing?

I started by reading Dave Miller’s homebrew guide years ago but was hesitant to begin. It was when I tasted my brothers brown ale that I wanted him to show me the process. After that first brew day, I was bitten by the brew bug and continue to expand and experiment.

A little about your brewing philosophy

I love beer and I’m not talking BMC beers. I brew to have a finely crafted ale and take pride in the fact that I made it. I feel that scheduling, note taking, and measuring are important steps in the process. I’m working on several recipes while experimenting with different styles for the different seasons.


2011 Monk Melee 3rd Belgian Golden Strong

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