Ron Sechler

Brewer Name Ron Sechler
Type All Grain
Favorite Style to Brew Belgian Styles (Lambics, Wits, etc.) and Imperial Stouts
Favorite Style to Drink Same as my faves to brew
Brewing Since
What got you started brewing?

I was always intimidated by the equipment needed to brew.  But having a handful of friends that were home brewers helped to break the ice.  Last summer, a friend let a bunch of us brew with his equipment and after that I was hooked.

A little about your brewing philosophy

My brewing philosophy is just to brew beer that I want to drink.  I try to never brew the same beer twice and I always like to do something a little different.  I also like to do big beers, although I do brew a session beer once in a while for the summer months.


Don’t much care about awards and competitions.  I brew for me not for you, but I do love to share.

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