Sean Wolfe

Brewer Name Sean Wolfe
Type All Grain
Favorite Style to Brew Session Beers
Favorite Style to Drink Sours and Historical Styles
Brewing Since
What got you started brewing? While in college my roommate and I realized that we could brew better beer than we could buy for the same money. So naturally it only took a few attempts and some trial and error before we turned our one closet into out first home “brewery” and 2 fat kids beer still holds a fond part of my heart!

A little about your brewing philosophy

My brewing philosophy is two fronts; much as I try to strive for perfection in my beers, brewing the same recipe several times with little tweaks and changes until I get it just right, I also like to play and add things here and there to be creative with my brews, which is why I have a certain amount of fascination with older styles of brewing such as stein beer, where you use hot rocks over a fire to heat your wort.

Brewing to me is the perfect blend of science and art, and when the brewer can mesh both together perfectly the winner tends to be your taste buds!

Any brewing related certifications?

Certified Server- Cicerone Program


3rd Place Historical Beer 2011 Hoppy Halloween Challange
1st Place Belgian 2012 Barley Creek Home Brew Comp

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